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Exclusive to Bandcamp, this is a collection of songs that can be found on a variety of mixtapes including DJ Law presents The Art of Lyricism: Dan-e-o's Finest, The Bakery and ReMakin'.

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released July 31, 2007



all rights reserved


Dan-e-o Toronto, Ontario

Veteran MC, Dan-e-o debuted in 1996 with his first single “Dear Hip Hop” - now considered a Canadian Hip-Hop classic.

One half of the duo Perfeck Strangers with Promise, the group's debut album, "Series Premiere" dropped on URBNET Records in March 2012 and reached #1 on Canadian college radio.

His new highly anticipated and long overdue solo album, "Inevitable" is out now on URBNET Records!
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Track Name: Dear Hip Hop (Return To Sender)
Dear Hip Hop, what did we do wrong?
It's like my heart stops with every new song
And now I'm in the fog, working through the pain
'Cause if I lose you dog, what will I gain?

Dear Hip Hop, what did I do to earn this letter?
I turned the envelope over, it read "return to sender"
I thought due to our history, I'd be deserving better
An earnest defender against any worthless contender
Feeling anxiety as the package sit beside me
My eyes defying me, this stamp is from the middle nineties
I made some noise with this official statement
And held my ground the way I put it down like an initial payment
I thought this shit was sacred, you stripped like chicks who's naked
Of what's sophisticated in all of your hits that's made it
Disrespected and desecrated, no warnings heeded
I mailed you soul, you didn't have the heart to read it?
We must depart, depleted of any hope that my mission ain't got defeated
Have fun being a pop elitist
Top of the charts, I see this
I would've carried on your name, but now I've cause to be ashamed like an aborted fetus


Dan-e-o, don't feel downtrodden or derailed
Your mission is something I'd never wanna see fail
God, I hope you get this e-mail
This industry's imprisoned me, this whole system might as well be jail
Yeah, they captured me on TV and radio
But what made you think to find me, that'd be the place to go?
In Japan, they still breaking and graf bombing
DJ'n, beatboxing to start a clash rhyming
But where you're from, look at the class I'm in
It's such a crass climate, abusing me and creating cash giants
It ain't even new school, it's after school detention
'Cause in history class, these new cats ain't paid attention
Thank God they came with YouTube
'Cause how television be representing ain't keeping it true dude
Stay online, we'll travel this portal together
Immortal forever, I'd never ignore your letter