See No Evil, Hear No Evil

by Dan-e-o

Inferno 03:49
CHORUS (CUTS) (x2): Dan-e-o, making it hot like Los Angeles Give me a mic son, burning tracks long before downloading was possible! Welcome to what’s best defined as my rhyme show That petrifies guys with intensified flows I testify God set the vibe in my soul So inspect the lines, check for my specialized prose I pose a threat to rappers and the industry at once One side is out of luck, the other side is out to lunch One side don’t wanna battle, the other don’t wanna budge And sign me, well screw it, to hell with the whole bunch I do this for my people supportin’ me from the day Those who got my album and actually had to pay Let me getcha up to date cuz a lot of shit has changed Some of it’s mad dope but some of it feels strange Like I’m single now, when in the clubs yo I mingle wild Years ago, living without my lady, couldn’t think of how More on that later, cuz I’m actually much stronger Got ideas how to make my rap career longer Slowed it down a bit, plus my hooks are top notch Only ride the sickest beats plus the cuss words I watch Flows are at they best whether smoothed out or hard Still got a lot to say plus I still love God Not a fool, I swallowed my pride and found a job Finished school, then bought a new ride, then turned the knob On the door where opportunity was knockin’ I’m rap’s eternal cradle, I will never stop rockin’ Check it out… CHORUS For my next stunt, a David Copperfield-like magic trick Make a rapper disappear while I get set to brag a bit But hold a sec, before I go ahead and take a stab at it I have to slap a diss on all you niggaz on some tragic shit It’s wack that it’s hard to find artists who ain’t frauds to me If you ain’t on this record it’s because you didn’t wanna be Ask to do a track and suddenly you stopped with callin’ D But that’s alright, keep sleepin’, it adds to my armory And now to all of the people who throw me pounds When you see me on the street or somewhere around town Tellin’ me to freestyle on the spot Respect my space and privacy and if the time is right, then we’ll rock But cut that shit out, I’m not 24-hour entertainment Although I’m outstanding like payments from gamblers in Vegas Okay kids, now that I got that off my chest Let me a poke a finger in it, while I talk about the best Where do I start? Oh yeah man, at shows I’m tops I put more people’s hands in the air than cops When I rock stages, I belong on a throne I’m like a kid in school on Saturday, in a class of my own You talk a big game, but when I show up to your festival Your poise switches like voice pitches on transsexuals But yo, the best of all is just for spittin’ these tunes I make a living like women in delivery rooms Yeah! CHORUS
Deadly 04:10
CHORUS: Deadly! Whenever he flowin’, body counts are growin’ Please stay away cuz you know the nigga’s deadly! Got your body burnin’, there’s nowhere to turn when He’s on the mic, cuz you know the nigga’s deadly! Have you ever heard of, major mass murder? That’s what he does, lyrically the nigga’s deadly! Cuz he has no equal, run go tell your people Protect yourself! Raps we load in tracks, pack kilos of wax Whack weak bros with that, gats reload with phat Flows tighter than your Speedos, harder than some steel toes And nastier than dudes using dildos Everyday my skill grows to give ya heart attacks Even party raps corner cats in my slaughter shack Flow nicer than whatever your local bar may got on tap More times than “more times” is mentioned in Kardi’s track Now the cards are stacked, if you wanna fuss, it’s on! Me not rhyming’s like eliminating lust from porn I bust with scorn to crush your whole’s junction’s form You’re more pussy than Cheech Marin in “From Dusk Till Dawn” If you’re a black pussy, white pussy, Indian pussy I swear on mics a nagging sumo wrestler couldn’t push me I’m colder than the rudest skeef you know who is stush be Rip off your tushie and pass it to you like it’s a dutchie Nobody can touch me, international or local You’re a yokel, I’d win a battle with my back up vocals Snap you in a chokehold, slap you like I’m Stone Cold Your spot is an impatient telemarketer, it won’t hold! Yo, the only shot you got is with a Smith & Wesson If I never rid your presence then consider this a blessing With more bangers than the world’s most dangerous intersection I got my album sounding like a greatest hits collection Yo I’m deadly! CHORUS I disconnect you guys’ disrespect With wise intellect, devise crisp cassettes So why’s sisters wet if my music ain’t fascinating? Yo, you’re going nowhere like you had the wackest travel agent With no exaggeration, I’m somewhat an oracle Historical facts are indicating your future’s horrible Solidified my spot while your rap career is portable See I’ve been paying dues that you could never find affordable You see because what Dan does is simply scandalous Iller than what drivers of a Los Angeles ambulance is handed with When gangstas is making advances for more social damages Wonder like bread for sandwiches why you can’t rap with bandages? It’s because I’ve brandished this: the awesomest sound So phat, that any minute I’ll be bawlin’ from gout This here’s the illest verse to ever fall from a mouth Umpires attracted to me won’t dare calling me out I’m warning you now, I have no problem beatin’ you herbs You deserve to be embarrassed just for speaking your slurs You geeks and you nerds think dissing me cuts deep and hurts? I hope you like the taste of shit, cuz you’ll be eating your words! Bwoy, I don’t business, a deviant be shown no leniency If he nuh see, I’m hip-hop’s Braille, the world’s feeling me! Believe me please, when it comes to killers, here’s my motto: Consider the mighty Mono the Sopranos of Toronto! I’m deadly! CHORUS
Foxy Lady 04:17
CHORUS: Foxy lady, why you actin’ shady? I know you ain’t trying to play me out With them vibes, what’s that all about? Foxy lady, you drive me crazy Why don’t you just be straight up And tell me what you want, so I can give it to ya since I broke up with my girl, how I’m feelin’ is wack Convinced that every female living’s either schemin’ or slack A meaningless pack of people good to pin on their back Now every skeef on my roster's either Indian or black From other races I ain’t separate, they happen to be my preference So any lady interested, write this down for your reference The butterscotch complexion, curvaceous in the right sections Authentic in her reflection is what’s visual perfection Straight up, a brother cried when he heard Aaliyah died, cuz bredren I know for once there’s truly an angel in heaven But most girls are unleavened, see they looks don’t match The qualities that make me want more than to jook that snatch Humour, intellect and honesty during our long chats But I need a bar graph to map the vibes y’all brauds have You feelin’ me or not? You got a nigga in doubt Lookin’ for Coles notes about you, tryin’ to figure you out CHORUS What up love? Still lookin’ ruff? Yo, thanks for the rubs You gave me on the dancefloor, not to mention the hug You gave me when we parted, I thought “I want more of that stuff” I picked you up in a club, so what you think I’m thinkin’ of? I’ve heard it all before previous to tonight Let me guess, you’ve never talked to a brother this height Or somebody with dreadlocks or who’s skin was this light Or who had videos that everybody swears is hype Anyways, I’m amazed I could hold you for days There’s no rush so say, by my third visit, we blaze! You got a boyfriend? What you mean that I should have asked? Based on what we’ve been doin’, I figured it wasn’t my task Where you hidin’ your flask? You must be drunk talkin’ that nonsense What up with skeefs and they half-assed conscience? As if stoppin’ now would make it better if he finds out That I’m the reason that you always on the other line now CHORUS C’mon girl, how much more you gon’ pretend with lies? I mean so what if practically all of your friends is guys I should exercise my right to excavate through thighs Besides what was all that talk about me and my sexy eyes? What kinda dude would actually wanna remain platonic? Same one who calls you now that you’re single, ain’t that ironic? Yesterday you was on it, I had you down to your panties And you said waiting to do it next time would put your mind at ease How so? I ‘ve seen you with your titties out yo And you gon’ lick me up and say you don’t go down low? If we friends, after the beep, when I say “I must now go” What the hell you make that rude kissin’ your teeth sound fo’? Sexual innuendo in every single conversation You done told me you’re with it, so what’s with the complications? I’m tryin’ to be calm and patient, there’s a lot to resist Wait for what? My dick don’t get much harder than this! CHORUS
T.N.T. 04:25
I know you love how I do it to y’all Dude, I was small and knew that I was suited to brawl Get a competitor, forever they brutally fall Gotcha listenin’ like a radio station’s new cue to call Who knew when I started the type of rapper that Dan would be? Zeppelin-type lyrics make you scream ‘oh the humanity!’ To battle me’s the definition of the word ‘insanity’ Chances are screwed like faces of niggaz who be mad at me (Oooh!) check my magic, elaborate display Been rappin’ since the day before back in the day Damn impressive so manic depressives are happy to say ‘Dan-e-o is comin’!’ like someone always wackin’ away (Oh yeah!) introducing the industry’s rap renegade Flavorful like 84 gallons for fresh lemonade Those who wanna scrap, but claimin’ they never been afraid Greg Focker meeting your parents would have a better day CHORUS: ‘Till I die I’mma keep strong (Tell ‘em whatcha got!) Lyrics make me a king (now tell these niggaz thatcha baahd!) Trust me yo, I’m a baahd man! Bwoy, yuh no ever wanna try no ting! (x2) (Take these niggaz to the top!) I always hit homers when up to bat Don’t believe that? Go ahead nigga and check the stats Oddly enough, I ain’t even playin’ with all you cats Y’all washed up and I run rap’s new Laundromat With sicker flows than what you find inside of a catheter Ends of battles I’m in are best described as a massacre The caliber of my lyrics got you stuck like a fastener In the fact that I can mop the floor with you like a janitor (Damn!) I knock the wind out of you like Rocky I’m cocky, but honestly, whatchu gon’ do to stop me? My sixth sense see dead people: rappers who taunt D Rhyme sweeter than faces of Beyonce and Ashanti (Mmmph!) explicitly wicked until infinity Been my favourite rapper from ’87 up to this day Ain’t no slowin’ down, I’m in this deeper than sympathies Splittin’ niggaz like seconds leavin’ ‘em dead like giveaways CHORUS I’m constantly takin’ it to ya grill Got so much skill, cancer is jealous that I’m this ill My music, from years of work, allowing talent to build Is classic like T-dot dudes saying ‘guy’, ‘bredren’ and ‘still’ If niggaz wanna trip, then I’m about to delay your bus Flows shock you like you when your hearin’ three-year-olds say a cuss Quicker than whites getting toothpaste for over eight of us Cuz we known to be Very Bad like Things that Christian Slater does (Ohhh!) maybe I don’t need a silly deal I’m funky like your breath when garlic is in your meal Minimal record sales is my only Achilles’ Heal Major labels eat a dick to know how I just really feel (Uh huh) it’s your loss doubting I’m great like outdoors Nastier than the thought of seeing your mom without drawers Every rhyme I shoot just simply without a doubt scores While you could never come with the right hit like southpaws! CHORUS
CHORUS - CHOCOLATE TY & DAN-E-O (x2): Funk, it’s gotcha bumpin’, makes ya jump, so pump the song for me Thumpin’ cuz it’s somethin’ thatcha lovin’, shake your rump for me God made me funky, each and every single day I pump beats Hip-hop is my favourite but I’m a music junkie Trust me, my whole life, rhythm in my head At night before I sleep I tap beats on my bed Ask my friends ‘bout my habit that seems never endin’ Use my fingers to scratch on any nylon or denim Pretendin’ I’m a DJ in a DMC battle That’ll dazzle onlookers while the speakers snap and rattle It don’t matter where I’m at, where readin’ or chillin’ I be rhymin’ in my head, whether eatin’ or shittin’ I be chillin’ with a chick and I’m about to hit it yo I imagine that it be happenin’ in a video Really though, everything is a song I got a trick Make beats clickin’ my teeth, internally it’s sick Cuz if you love music, then you know it’s oxygen Ain’t got a heart, my chest is where my funkbox is in! CHORUS My funkbox is not only my heart, it’s my soul Funk pours from my pores and my follicles and holes I was told that during my mother’s pregnancy Is the time period in which the funk entered me She would party, big belly and all, feelin’ no ways ‘Till I was born, holdin’ a mic, sportin’ some shades I was cool daddy, never shy to be an attraction Had early visions of becoming the next Michael Jackson If your askin’ what I did as a kid to get licks Broke my mom’s wooden spoons usin’ ‘em as drumsticks I wasn’t a dumb kid, I got good report cards My dad would buy me a record awarding me for the job See, toys came second and T.V. it came third Always knowin’ one day, through music I would be heard It’s obvious to me why God put me on this place Ain’t got a mouth, a funkbox is found on my face! BRIDGE - CHOCOLATE TY: The funk is all up in me, the only way it can be I don’t know what I’d do without music in my life, oh I simply cannot believe, how some people can conceive Living from day to day without feelin’ the vibe, oh CHORUS My funkbox is not only my soul, it’s my mind No exaggeration, it’s creating music all the time If you could find wires that could connect to me You would hear music made better than any MPC From elementary throughout university Built a savings all spent on creating my first CD Do you love music like me? Well, ask yourself a question: Would you tell your future wife that to it, she came second? Break up and find solace in making a slammin’ record Knowin’ that as an artist is how you’re truly respected My reason for breathin’ is cuz music is my bride Don’t live on earth, a funkbox is where I reside! CHORUS
SPIDAHMAN: Here it is! Bam! And y’all say “oh fuck!”, this be a cold cut Show love whenever the flow bust Mash up the whole club, people in the line try door rush People in they rides doing donuts Pushin’ poems in the domes of groupies givin’ up that ‘chocha’ To the independent mommas who got they own stuff Even white girls with no butts I unload one in the domes of nine to fiver survivors To the heads huggin’ the corners, this is for the Big blingin’ ballers or the backpackin’ purists Who say “The Source” sucks Whether you smoke up or hold cups It started as a slow buzz, now we roll up Treat the industry like they owe us Don’t front, you know who this is… Mo-no-lith! CHORUS - SPIDAHMAN: This is hip-hop! Yep, yep the real deal Talkin’ ‘bout microphones and the wheels of steel This is hip-hop! B-boys and graf bombin’ If you ain’t up to rep then you best pass on it This is hip-hop! Fly ladies and gents Comin’ out to the clubs and the major events This is hip-hop! Underground and commercial The same shit that builds us kills us… NISH RAAWKS: You’ll never catch Nish posin’ in some flashy-ass get up Cuz I’m fed up with people who listen to what they see and not hear So I snear and appear looking pissed As I breathe in the mist and as you bangin’ on your chest with your fist I insist on rollin’ my own, can’t wait a turn So tell me to go to hell cuz all I wanna do is burn I live to learn and earn the things that I need To succeed at a successful speed, best believe in Nish I explode like a cist on a boxer’s fist The death wish leaving whole cities dissed in this I’m the rap yellow plague, spreading sickness So if you sound like bitches, you gonna leave the cyph dickless The difference is you listen while I study I’m in the studio while you’re freestyling drunk with one of your buddies It’s more than just a fashion and flashin’, it’s passion with tongue lashin’ You know my crew so stop askin’! CHORUS DAN-E-O: This is Mo-no-lith! Definition: an unbreakable rock, no knots and no rifts You mocked and you quipped that my flock is the pits We watched and we hawked while you talked all your shit Now we clockin’ you with lyrics that’s hotter than wires is In stolen kinds of whips and faulty kitchen appliances Got it down to a science it’s your three royal heinesses How petrifying this Dan, Spi and Nish alliance is You find it crisp that you got this new identity But since elementary school, my status was celebrity Cuz I had this tendency: always rap offensively And dent MC’s using talent shows as my weaponry True lyricist necessities I got ‘em covered like conspiracies and priest’s sexual histories CDs: 20 bucks, 30 for the live hypeness Experiencing mics ripped like this: Priceless! CHORUS
KORRY DEEZ: Yo, nod your neck as the record gets so mean That every head detects that I’m in effect like codeine We bring hip-hop to life where there’s no scene Our show seems to convert rap culture into D.N.A. protein You only spread our name when you create rumours We consider you late bloomers cuz your crew couldn’t relate sooner You want some help? Well, here’s a hand out: Your formula’s bitten, see while you trying to fit in, we trying to stand out The songs you make are almost real so fake harder I see red but these blood suckers ain’t dead so push the stake farther Our verses hit so hard, they break armor Spot the wicked then move away with the reflexes of a snake charmer DAN-E-O: Yeah, we strapped with them phatter tracks, chat that my pack is wack My crew, especially that Black Cat ain’t having that Stacked with more fire than an Afghani gat attack So repeat offenders can’t come back with a badder rap! Cover your eyes, guard your grill and block your tummy Or get left crooked like a cop with extra pocket money A taser couldn’t stun me, but what really provokes Is this industry is still taking Monolith for jokes We pound like an athlete’s heart before he races To grand slam this business in hopes to clean up its basis Cuz every time you chop us down, we grow back bigger Go figure, now Run Tell Dat nigga! CHORUS - T.R.A.C.K.S.: Trust me, we ain’t going nowhere You thought my crew wouldn’t be here We real sick with the mic, we still ripping it right We crush clicks with this tight flow, fo’ sho’ So you best to stand clear! Trust me, we ain’t going nowhere You thought my crew still gon’ be here We real sick with the mic, we still ripping it right We crush clicks with this tight flow, fo’ sho’ So you best to stand clear! Trust me, we ain’t going nowhere BLACK CAT: (forgive me God) I make you scream the Lord’s name in vain Spittin’ rhymes in your ear to make you pop a blood vessel in your brain I’m hotter than a kettle on flame, way ahead of the game Niggaz ain’t ready for these levels of pain I’m sickening like sixteen clit rings ready to rip things Setting up big things, think you’re fly? I clipped wings! Rip dudes, flip dudes who think they’re testin’ But they’re gifts get ripped open quicker than Christmas presents Niggaz don’t wanna start messin’ with a seasoned veteran Who could spit a verse and leave a whole species threatened Use complete discretion when niggaz reach in the session We tear functions, leave your ears thumpin’, Wio tear somethin’! WIO-K: Yeah, Dan and Irs, I got a plan to burst Let’s jam the earths until they understand we’re first Yo, some man will curse upon the dead, tell you they’re true Well you can see right through the lie and wonder why they tried with you, dude Payback’s a slut bitch and it’s real Like bunnin’ weed around foreigners you can’t feel You style bitin’! I smile while writing You bullshit until it gets hit by wild lightning The good grace kept a few men by your back It’s them same man you want to move on and talk your crap Now why is that? They want know it’s cool, cuz Wio’s phat Man’ll go the extra mile to see we out lying flat! Yeah! CHORUS - T.R.A.C.K.S.: Trust me, we ain’t going nowhere You thought my crew wouldn’t be here We real sick with the mic, we still ripping it right We crush clicks with this tight flow, fo’ sho’ So you best to stand clear! Trust me, we ain’t going nowhere You thought my crew still gon’ be here We real sick with the mic, we still ripping it right We crush clicks with this tight flow, fo’ sho’ So you best to stand clear! Trust me, we ain’t going nowhere
Sekkle Down 03:42
INTRO: Monolith niggaz keep the party live Prepare to get wet if you coming inside But don’t bother reach with no negative vibes Alright y’all? Well, alright then! Hey yo, my crew’s in the place to have a real good time Scoping out the gyals with the big behinds You better just step if your mind’s on crime Alright y’all? Well alright then! Hey yo, Monolith’s rockin’ it, ain’t no stoppin’ it Underground, mainstream we got what you wanna get Dan-e-o is on the set, how much you wanna bet This punk bouncer’s gonna tell me “stand up on the wall” again? How many times I gotta tell ya that I am performing here? Screamin’ I can’t roam in there unless I’m wearing formal gear What is this, a wedding? Why you act like it’s a closed affair? And I don’t suppose you care that girl ain’t wearing no brassiere Oh, no runners, no khakis, no jeans No wonder this club is the wackest I’ve seen I mean, I was here for sound check, no one around yet Remember? You were boppin’ your head chillin’ on the lounge set Now get the promoter and we’ll find out if we play Oh I can walk through, but he stay? That’s my D.J.! You the reason niggaz walk up in here with a switchblade And cut you up like first lines of songs on a mixtape CHORUS: We came here to party, rock your body (oh yeah!) If you came here to brawl, just sekkle down! Lame kids trying to fight, same shit every night We came here to party, rock your body (oh yeah!) If you came here to brawl, just sekkle down! Sekkle down bwoy, yo sekkle down! What gyals wear, always hot in it, batti fully cockin’ it I know “junk in the trunk” but how much luggage is you walkin’ with? Man dem steady clockin’ it, thinking “that I got to get” crazy winin' until she see the man that she talkin' with Yelling “what the hell you doing lettin’ this guy rub on you? That’s something only lovers do, now get ready to rumble dude” I’m like “me never trouble you, to her me nah care wah you do Cuz now I’m checking for her friend, it seems she wanna bubble too” Yo, dark honies, Indians, lightskins Philipinos, latinos, even some white tings How ya expect fi man ah come dance and not jam? If that’s your girl, then why’d she say she didn’t have a man? Now you wan raise ya hand with whatever weapon’s in it You knew she’d punk you off, that’s probably why you kept it hidden Now ya dome is set for splittin’, cuz if you didn’t notice My click’s the Monolith, the crew that’s deeper than her throat is! CHORUS BRIDGE: My bredrens don’t care, we’ll squash your tribe Keeping distance is what you best decide We never start beef, but don’t let shit slide Alright y’all? Well alright then! Mad niggaz screwfacing it, steady perpetrating kid See me get in free and now they’re carrying a crate ‘n’ shit Looking at me, hating that ladies are debating if They should come and say “hi” or straight up start fellating him Yo, it ain’t my fault that all the sweet joobies, dem wan see me Recently pump my CD, cuz frequently I’m on TV Ask all kind of question like dem wan go write biography Now you haffi target me as if involved in archery Eh, some advice, y’all tykes, less fights My knights’ not Christ, but forever bless mics Y’all niggaz need to check your egos with your jacket You the one who brushed me, what’s the reason for the racket? Acting like getting your shoes stepped on’s the world’s end Why you vex? Cuz your flex don’t impress your girlfriend? Underneath the dress code, they should write “no immaturity” The only girl feeling you’s the one working security! CHORUS
Nostalgia 05:04
CHORUS (x2): Just ride, feel that vibe Y’all get live ladies, we gon’ party now! Just ride, feel that vibe Y’all get live niggaz, we gon’ party now! Man, I remember when hip-hop was all about partyin’ And any place it played was a spot to move your body in Started in the park and it had everybody droppin’ in Now brothers wanna squeeze it of its life and try to darken it With boring ass raps, when nobody is hearing it Soundin’ like they the method for a science experiment Y’all heads ain’t been around to see what Dan has seen After writing lyrics, we used to make dance routines ‘Member the “House Party” scene when Kid ’N’ Play was battlin’? And after when the rappin’ end, they gave each other dap again Then they started scatterin’ cuz nothing really mattered then Except the jaw jabberin’ with ladies just to dance with them Dudes with dap was based on who could rap And who could best imitate the moves of Scoob & Scrap So while you choose to chat about how much you were a baller We would argue over who’s high top fade was taller When designs were in, on my head, I shaved a heart And told your girl, she’s the reason for the way it was carved If you miss the way hip-hop used to sound Gather everyone you know, cuz yo… We gon’ party now! CHORUS Man, I remember when hip-hop was all about the positive When topics of our songs were socially provocative Racism was targeted as something to discard but it Seems today hatred is the way hip-hop is marketed Too many rappers talkin’ shit, what’s they malfunction? Over ten years later, we still headed for self-destruction Gangsta rap, not many MC’s would try That’s why, to this day, we say “peace” instead of “goodbye” A tradition that’s been conditioned from back in the days When in school, for class projects I’d be rappin’ for A’s Braggin’ always how we could change the world with a tune But now I can’t watch a video when mom’s in the room I hope it’s gone soon cuz everybody’s shootin’ and killin’ And braggin’ about it, I swear rappers are the stupidest villains Dude, it was ill when cats like Rakim and Kane slammed When the West Coast All-Stars were in the same gang When X-Clan jams made a vex man dance Arms crossed, legs apart is how you’d check Dan’s stance If you hate the road hip-hop’s going down Join the Mono man dem because…. We gon’ party now! CHORUS Man, I remember when hip-hop was all about battlin’ Except it didn’t involve the death of a rapper then Ain’t no need for scrappin’ man, they was makin’ classic jams Wars of words to prove no one was in a class with them To be mic champions’ where real props stand Or battlin’ for a name like them two Roxannes LL and Kool Moe Dee, Juice Crew and BDP But it seems today the battle is the world against me Cuz nobody cares about lyrics, what used to be wack Is what everybody seems to be pickin’ up off the rack Rappers rhymin’ so soft, they should be one of the Spices Somehow people support the modern day Vanilla Ices Usin’ devices like clothing seemingly priceless The fame I might miss, but I must keep comin’ with niceness Cuz I ain’t tryin’ to be one of hip-hop’s clowns Keep it raw even when I roar… We gon’ party now! CHORUS
DAN-E-O: It’s Dan and Spi: the Bash Brothers, here to smash busters There’s nothing you could do to help avoid this mass bumrush Declarin’ war so prepare for some crass ruckus Secure your weapons, that’s any mic our ass gon’ touch It’s on now! But don’t look at me because you started it Every line, in every track is some retarded shit Every rhyme in every rap: murder and horniness Every song you offer is monstrously preposterous Our culture, you dishonour it, stupid crews screamin’ ‘Bout you’ll lose cream when they break into homes of fools sleepin’ Fake thugs, perfect examples of misused semen As if you’ll see ‘em in museums killer dudes be in Step on the battle ground and just make sure your side is ready Although to scrap with Monolith just means you’ve died already We crazy like people were when they first heard “Bye D’Plenty” Crush you like what I got on Tara Chase and Namugenyi I’m… CHORUS (x2): Raw! All y’all niggaz, just get ready for war! Had enough suckers? It’s time we settle the score! Doin’ it for sure! Lyrics so pure! You better believe my nigga, we get raw! SPIDAHMAN: Victim or victor? Shit’s off the richter We in the mix y’all, this is war! Words And Rhythm hit ‘em, we up in hell’s kitchen Chickens with samonilla, niggaz be burnin’ biscuits Yo speak on (speak on) losing my religion Y’all ain’t practice what you preach and I ain’t believin’ These heathens and my peoples ain’t neither For real dog, I ain’t no rapper on no soap box Tellin’ you the sky fallin’ but seeing the cess pool and diving all in Defies logic, it’s almost over now It ain’t no perfect world, and never will it be But the challenge is for more balance, you feelin’ me? Get it together before we get it together I said what I had to say now so get familiar Get it together before we get it together I said what I had to say now let the chorus tell ya CHORUS BRIDGE: Do you really wanna take it to the frontline? If you want it, you can get it done up one time You won’t understand what happens when we combine Dan-e-o and Spidahman take way your sunshine SPIDAHMAN: Words And Rhythm means WAR, pen is mightier than the sword You can murder the messenger, but the message ain’t ignored For sure, watch how we mash for Lith Handling business like Erick and Parrish Smith We have to win, can’t give in Rise like a Phoenix that’s flapping wings Tell ‘em what’s happening: smackin’ ‘em with an acronym But in reality, backin’ ‘em, Partnerz In Rhyme back again, Dan begin! DAN-E-O: Attackin’ ‘em, hackin’ ‘em up with our rappin’ acumen No laughin’ when we steady crackin’ men and bitch slappin’ ‘em! Trapped up in a state of imaginin’ that they badder than Osama Bin But in this rap labyrinth, we lappin’ ‘em! Ask your friends, who really likes songs about your tech glocks? I mean, when you play ‘em do you actually expect props? You’ll get dropped, cuz real hip-hop is what I majored in Whip niggaz so bad that they’d prefer to just be slaves again! CHORUS
We & You 04:11
This rap addict’s back at it to have you fags frantic Cats who have static, your caskets need plannin’ Though Dan is asthmatic, I lyrically blast cannons I seriously can’t stand what this industry has patented: A style of rap that’s laced with phrases that’s basically lazy Wasting our babies’ minds through songs that’s crazily shady Amazing me maybe the most is how we disgrace the ladies On screens, got ‘em dribbling more balls than Tracy McGrady What company hired you to give you to give the rep that you holdin’? Sometimes I see your V.I.P. pass and bet that it’s stolen You never wrote a rhyme so why your head is so swollen? Couldn’t make a crowd get up even if the credits was rollin’ It’s a shame you an A&R, you won’t get your label far Would rock groups get signed if its members couldn’t play guitar? (No) then why do wack rappers make mad grands? Meanwhile, without a badge, I’m still known as The Man, yeah! CHORUS (x2): WE come to rock, YOU come to jock! WE nice the vibe and y’all niggaz dick ride! YOU come to hate, WE snatch your plate! And YOU get your food eaten every time! I crush clowns, make they’re blabberin’ a hushed sound Gwannin’ with too much mouth like if they scored a touchdown Now they just cuss, frown and cry cuz they just found I must pound punks into the ground ‘till they dust bound Cuz all you’ve done is rockin’ in your click’s sessions Assumin’ that each verse makes a popular impression Stop any bredren from walkin’ up into my section Cuz from one mention, I pop niggaz like big questions Still my records don’t make enough funds for me And you complainin’ how commercial hip-hop’s come to be? You internet nerds are all punks to D How will underground survive when you get stuff for free? See this menace is a murderer with sentences Greater than percentages of pregnant kids on T.V. talk show segments is But you a faker, step to me and I’ll make ya Later than periods and the times most niggaz wake up! CHORUS BRIDGE: WE be the niggaz who can rock the house And YOU be the niggaz who just run your mouth See, WE be the niggaz who can make ‘em dance And YOU be the niggaz you ain’t got a chance See, WE be the niggaz who are bound to blow And YOU be the niggaz who ain’t learned to flow So just chill and check how it’s supposed to go Yo peep it, yo peep it, peep it, peep it… Man, what you lookin’ at? Who you tryin’ to scare with your crooked raps? Cookin’ facts up so all that’s in your lyric book is crap Claimin’ you jookin’ chaps, to me you the shookest cats How you sell your soul, you might as well work where them hookers at Battle your click and start with the largest member Spirits I break with more malice than all of law’s offenders Hotter than West Indian food made with the harshest pepper Serve you niggaz with verses badder than my father’s temper Remember “Dear Hip Hop”?, you one of his abusers Especially you hatin’ types, fake gangstas and you nerds Callin’ my pager anonymously dissin’ me through words No metaphors needed here: you’re straight up friggin losers! Yo, you’re soon to hurt, here’s what happens when this tune’ll burst It’ll puncture the universe like dolls for a voodoo curse Do you see the moon and earth? Yo, they’ll be the first to go I don’t know what’s worse you know, a flood or when I burst a flow! CHORUS
DAN-E-O: Where does your conscience dwell since the world’s gone to hell? Can’t imagine how the people who were held hostage felt Time for those songs you tell to be left on the shelf Play like a website bwoy: just calm yourself The twin towers was crumblin’, got me steady wonderin’ What more will it take for you to stop menial rumblin’? How you gonna answer when the voice of God is thunderin’? “What did you do with what I gave you to stop the sufferin’?” I mean, what’s gettin’ high? You could be the next to die What’s ice when terrorism got the world petrified? What’s having the nicest ride when your nation’s throwin’ bombs? And what’s your song when it’s part of what’s goin’ wrong? You see what I’m saying is reality is stashed In the back to allow for the breeding ground for trash You claim you smokin’ niggaz but you nuttin’ but the ash I hope you’re counting includes blessings with your cash! CHORUS - BLESSED: Give Jah praise, give Jah praises! Give Jah praise cuz true love is amazing! BLESSED: Love to see the pretty girl dem a jiggle yo Especially when dem a wine and ah wiggle Two a dem a mob Bless, me itch up in a di middle yo Crack a joke and di two a dem a giggle Dem nah go blow no man like flute nor fiddle yo Mouth fresh and it nah stink like pickle Dem a say me big and me nah likkle like a nickel yo Ah say mi good me nah make dem run a trickle LINDO P: Make di fire blaze, blaze You know say rasta youth, say we no ‘fraid, ‘fraid Go make this fire, make this fire blaze, blaze You know say rasta youth, say we no ‘fraid, ‘fraid Hey yo, everywhere mi go, mi hear man talk ‘bout dem a shotta Woman wear no clothes, cha, something nah proper Tell me what’s the matter, nastiness ah wha dem catch ya Dem ah go feel di rapture put themself in ah disaster Righteousness is what I’m after, check out the master blaster Hair it never braid up and you know that I’m a rasta Nah go nyam di pork, and mi bun out all imposter We could move slow but righteous youth ah move faster CHORUS (x2) SPIDAHMAN: In the party, kid died in the club Next week, everybody still throwin’ they hands up Soundbwoy pack the sound up move the dance to the morgue Let’s see which rudebwoy play the wall like he core “Blood pon yuh shoulder!” sleeve lookin’ wet Y’all only say it’s live when a nigga praising death Youth man, tell your two friends, “cool bred’” Simmer and keep a cool head, we came to party, not to see a fool dead Who said it’s easy? Make a nest egg out a goose egg Even in the spotlight, niggaz act like new bread Got a choose, step wise, dude take time, when you do get shine You never gon’ get bligh, messin’ with them reptiles Yes child, this be the lyrical negro spiritual Off the chain like the slave that got away, here we go CHORUS (x2)
RISHAARD: Long ago, in the hearts of Scarborough Sweet mama rushing me hard like El Diguardo She look good, thinking sicker thoughts than Paul Bernardo Background Barbados, from Esplanade though Thick lips, fat ass and knee high boots from Aldo Make a brother pack a thicker one, it’s Desperado The words I may borrow ain’t from the heart though The only thing I’m kissing tomorrow is a Marlboro Present love life don’t concern me or the Mono Fuck ‘em and leave ‘em, and then I’m gone, that’s the motto Rishaard’s like a soldier, hold you it’s thunder Recognize the big dog respect that I’m under CHARISMA: “When you coming back, Charisma?” Hush up your lip young sister, just whisper Bawlin’ out my name in jam like I miss ya W’happen to you idiot gyal? Me never kiss ya You’re just a round the way jook Me a go please her once and she hook Time to release her, now she all shook This little skeaser, me she gon’ book? Please! Recognize my steez, no time for drama Too many big booty bashment beans in Toronto Eyeing these Chinese, Guyanese Never crave no vanilla just black cake and brownies From around the way, always had to play Never had to pay, practically Got the crown to make every brown girl say “Kush kush huta hai!” CHORUS - DAN-E-O (x2): Been watchin’ you girls all night (all night) You and all your friends look right (alright) Hairstyle and outfit look tight Alright, we doin’ mad moves from the Kama Sutra SPIDAHMAN: She has the Carib in she hand and she workin’ she rass and she playin she mass "Oh gosh darling" Can't let you pass without taking a dance "well then, come on nah man" ”Jeez and ages!” Me feel the Badung Badang when me get in the back, almost rub off me pants! ”Oh gosh”, now what you name? "Shanti" 5'5, brown eyes, got a nice bamsey Off the high wine do a low wine nasty Grab me by the ganzi, head back to the gates The way that ass a shake I had to mash up the paddicake! (Uh huh) I had to mash up the paddicake, ya heard! GRIMACE LOVE: When I stepped in the place, She show me love and tell me,"don't bother moving with haste Take time" But, my mind deh pon she wine, She waistline, how she twist up she behind This young flesh got me wet up with sweat, Vex and upset, close to death, losing breath, So we jet from the fete to my spot Done talk! Lip lock! Preparing for shots, like she hearing gun talk Oh scunt Tracey, baby, girl you amaze me The Douglah bubblah come to trouble ya lady "Maybe we’ll chill out and shoot the breeze?" You crazy? I give she what she need indeed! CHORUS (x2) DAN-E-O: Caribana weekend, Yonge Street flooded with joobies Mono man reach late but still lookin’ for goodies So many batty and boobies we could rub come autumn Want gyal like my song, dem hafi have big bottom Look over so, “watch ya”, you know di gyal butter I wonder where she from, Guyana or Calcutta? She have a wild bumper, you know say me wan crush her She remind of a gyal I once knew, but me nah Usher So listen here baby, me wan somethin’ fi go down So sweet gyal, you make me wan sing “Sugar Bum” “Sugar Bum, Sugar Bum Bum” gyal when we meet Me go treat you like this record and give you a nice beat! RED RAT: It’s the Rat! Oh No! Yo, long time me a watch you through me binocular Wonder if you like me seeing you’re so popular But me know me gotta get the number to your Nokia Know me a bachelor still want you sloppy yah Straight up, nah hold back, me wan give you di cocky yah Mount you like jockey make you wine pon mi rockulah Don’t worry, me nah bite, nah me nah Dracula Want get knock ya? Sit down pon me lap yah Whooo! On your mark get set, don’t fret Time to get soakin’ wet! Aaaah! All you want, you goin’ get, except Dat me nah cat, me nah pet Let’s bet who come first goin’ win On your mark, let’s get go, Zing! Take this, take that, ride me riddim Hold on, me win! Hold on, me win! CHORUS (x2)
For Love 04:20
CHORUS: Tell me wha gwan hyah, cah dem say We cyant get along so wha di people say? Is why we quarrelin’ and not living for love? Wha di people say? (x2) Wha gwan? Tell me something, make me understand You’re not a travel bag bwoy, why you carry on? Who told you the don? Yo, where you come from? Your skin the same colour as mine bwoy, you need sun! Maybe your hair is straighter but I wouldn’t trade my Dreadlocks for a plate of gold blocks and a LeSabre Cuz see, I’m not a traitor, when referring to my people I’m including the blacks and the whites, both are equal The soil inhabits evil, our continent was accomplished Through slavery and massacres of natives now impoverished Yo man, don’t test me, I know the ancestry Two E’s in Europe, both meaning ‘Evil’ for made centuries Retaliation tempts me, could have the nation messy Seeing others through the eyes of the Father’s what prevents me Cyant mix dog with cat but any humans can breed The 100 metre dash is the only race we need! Yo! CHORUS W’happen to you bredren? How many tie you severin’? Befriending those depending if them watch rabbi or reverend Ain’t no use in defending religion to this youth Cuz superiority of beliefs is a mistruth Who tell you say to whom and where you pray is what prepare your way To heaven’s gate or wherever you going once your shell decay If day to day you cyant stay away from a state of hate Claiming those of wayward faiths soon to face a heinous fate Ain’t no way to blind God’s eye from your interior The road to salvation isn’t segregation, hear me nah? Who cares if you go to a mosque, church or synagogue? As long as the way that you’re living ain’t a sin to God No disrespect but me nah care what you are Too often religion is the reason for riots and war You can call Him what you want but there’s just one God you know And I hope when Him call you, that it’s safe for you to go! Yo! CHORUS Dear Heavenly Father, I don’t know why I bother Sometimes to write rhymes feeling I won’t get no farther Cuz all the while I’m arguing about finances With my moms and my pops every time they’re getting chances How well can one expect to do when family’s disrespecting you? Reflected through the disdain for the music I’m connected to “Accept it dude” is what I tell myself, am I wrong? Cuz as long as I remember, me and pops ain’t got along I doubt there’s even a reason to say it in this song There’s a line dividing my family that will never be gone From when I born, I knew I was made to make music But losing money doing it, to them, is not amusing Abusing each other with words I know is no solution Especially when family is a dying institution Lord, I pray for guidance in this world full of hatred Cuz I don’t think we’ll make it if we don’t keep love sacred Yo! CHORUS


In 2004, Dan-e-o's long-awaited second album, See No Evil, Hear No Evil smashed on to the scene cementing his reputation as one of the world's most elite MCs. Mixing elements of funk, soul, reggae and rock with battle raps and conscious-minded lyricism, See No Evil, Hear No Evil includes the bangin' singles "T.N.T.", "Funkbox" and the party anthem, "Kama Sutra" with dancehall king and Dan-e-o's cousin, Red Rat! The music video currently has over 8 million views on YouTube!


released October 26, 2004


all rights reserved



Dan-e-o Toronto, Ontario

Veteran lyricist, Dan-e-o dropped his debut single "Dear Hip Hop" in 1996. It is widely considered a Canadian Hip-Hop classic.

And while he has followed it up with numerous albums, mixtapes and singles (all available on Bandcamp), he is now celebrating the 20 year milestone of his debut single with the new album "Dear Hip Hop: 20 Years Later".

Order it from URBNET Records now!
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