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The prequel to "Already", this love song unveils Dan-e-o's most heartfelt lyrics. "Yesterday" is an intricately woven declaration of pain about missing out on "the one".

"Yesterday" utilizes the "Yesterday" beat from J Dilla's Jay Love Japan album.


Woulda been the perfect time to tell ya 'bout my love
I could have opened up my soul
Shoulda been the day I poured my heart out to ya but
Feels like a whole lifetime ago

Yesterday, I had you in my arms
A magic mood of warmth, a passion true to form
Angelic, a relic that would never do me no wrong
Forever regrettin' that you were so brutally harmed
How do I prove in this song that I knew you was the bomb
But wasn't suited to warrant the truth of who I belonged...
To, when I knew in my heart, you had it palpitatin'
Salivatin', had no patience just to have you naked
Yo, it was magic makin' love, it was a massive statement
Your capital V that's sacred, I dastardly had to take it
Actually mad amazed when you'd happily back the statement
Instead of infatuation that you loved this half-Jamaican
I was a bastard shamefully, I had your innonence
But in a sense, my inference was insulence, indifference
And selfishness, can't even explain my senselessness
Leaving you for the opposite of what a princess is


Yesterday, I got single again
This mistress I had let be my significant friend
Viciously dissed me and went to be with frivolous men
Now I'm hurt by this worthless serpent who slipped into sin
Now every minute I spent with her is meaningless when
I think your sweetness was sent from heaven, it's so intense
That I feel there is no end to our true connection
How is it, after all these years, I didn't lose affection?
How do I prove we're destined after my cruel deception?
And get a new assessment to replace your dude who's desolate
Yo, I feel truly desperate, I lose when I'm contested
With the confidence that I'm worthy to freely express this
Now I'm fully depressed, it's better I leave you be
What gives me the right to feel I want you to be with me?
Though your forgiving nature treats me with leniency
Ain't got a bad bone in ya, 'cept the one that I wish you could see


Yesterday, they walked you down the aisle
I forced my frown to smile, I guess you found your style
Heard you announced your vows without the sign of a cloud
I sit in silence and doubt that I can balance this out
Wow, you're convincingly grounded and now
I hear the sound of a child in the background of a dialed...
Call, 'cause it's now been a while, and I thought you was lyin'
When you told me that noise was 'cause your daughter was cryin'
Oh my God! Now I'm dyin', straight up caught in a bind then
Thinkin' it's sort of a sign to address my altered alignment
See, I'm lost in this blindness, most frought with this mindless
Notion we ain't supposed to be tyin' the knot that is timeless
You're a goddess that I missed bein' a husband with
Would give my thumb and wrist just to get a hug and kiss
Nothin' is as tough as this, now I see our love exists
And I want the world to know as if I told this to my publicist



from Dilla Pickles, released November 1, 2009


all rights reserved



Dan-e-o Toronto, Ontario

Veteran lyricist, Dan-e-o dropped his debut single "Dear Hip Hop" in 1996. It is widely considered a Canadian Hip-Hop classic.

And while he has followed it up with numerous albums, mixtapes and singles (all available on Bandcamp), he is now celebrating the 20 year milestone of his debut single with the new album "Dear Hip Hop: 20 Years Later".

Order it from URBNET Records now!
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