Dilla Pickles

by Dan-e-o

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Intro 00:25
Locked 03:08
CHORUS: You might think you're gon' to have this game owned You still need to learn how veterans do You ain't got the stroke to claim it's your throne You still got so many cats better than you You don't know what's dope, you not even close You need to take notes on what's really hot You should probably quote two or three or more flows That prove that I GOT THIS SHIT LOCKED! The best in the game, never left but never came Apparently cause I was lame never wanting to sound the same Comfy in my own skin, tighter than a clothespin My flows been, thrown in the bin where garbage goes in Fierce and ferocious, but kids they don't notice They say, "Come with mo' hits, pretend like you a closed fist" Sadly I'm designed to, make all of my rhymes true So why don't you, cover your mouth like you got the swine flu Cause I'm through with listenin', I find you need discipline These fine beats from Michigan incline me to piss on men Suck my nuts pathetic squirrel, you somethin like an epidural I don't feel you nigga, don't even care if you get referrals Tired of the game today, hold on like it's layaway I made you say, "What the fuck's he doin?" like I'm Flavor Flav Seems I lost my star's shine, missin' like I caused crime But you'll find, now I make less excuses and more time To come with vintage shit, infinitely magnificent Significantly intricate, lyricism so sick as if It's invalids with syphilis who's into my stuff, nigga what? You couldn't test me if I pissed in a cup, so what's up? CHORUS A killer with a mic, hitter who don't get a strike Rippin' every pitch in sight, flippin' it how Dilla like Niggaz think they bright I shut 'em down, like it's Earth Hour You ain't got no word power, everything I heard's sour Nerds bow or get hurt, give your fibs a rest jerk Yes sir, reality's pre-empted on your network While I be off the wall, you softer than a cottonball I'm not at all fazed but I'm amazed that you ain't got withdrawal Cause you ain't got dope shit, I'm nasty like a hoe's spit My flows get, tighter with time like friends who's close-knit Here to take your fuckin' cheese, bound to chop your slut with ease Sucker please, I got more tricks, than what is up my sleeve Developed like a Fotomat, you admit you wrote the rap? I'm prone to ask you to tell me, “sorry you had to go through that” Cause you made my ears bleed quicker than light year speed ESPN should report you have to brawl with GSP And seriously be tarred and feathered, flogged and severed Barred from ever launchin' cleverless awkward rhetoric like Schwarzenegger and his awful pension for politics, stop your shit Rock your hit? I'd rather fall on my dick, baller quit! CHORUS
CHORUS: Here's how hip-hop's supposed to sound And I refuse to let you BITCH NIGGAZ break it down So I'ma break it down (break it down) break it down (break it down) Break it down (break it down) break it down (break it down) Aiyyo, here's how hip-hop's supposed to sound And I refuse to let you BITCH NIGGAZ break it down So I'ma break it down (break it down) break it down (break it down) Break it down (break it down) break it down (break it down) Uhh, yeah, let this seep inside your vertebrae Forget the thought you'd never live to observe the day Where hip-hop was run by fools without a word to say Songs blowin' up cause it's all that ya heard 'em play (Heard 'em play) I heard 'em play that bullshit so many times Who would've thought rap could exist without any rhymes? Or any beats, with funk from the street Now chumps wanna speak on pop pumped out by geeks They say it's wrong to sample now but it's okay to bite Niggaz can barely battle but they still tryin' to fight They say it's wrong to diss, nowadays they call it hatin' Cause these ballers makin' guap and cakin' from the spawn of Satan Like I'm supposed to support your music when it's garbage Like I ain't got an argument cause rap's like a hard pitch It's tough to make a hit - when radio wants nonsense Unless you can accomplish not havin' a conscience (Conscience) I'm conscious of this new generation ho's simply a product of ingesting this infestation I won't diss my patients, I'm a doctor with a vaccination And if you're still confused listen to my explanation, yo! CHORUS Uhh, yeah, this be that real shit that bust your trunk I live to rip over the dirtiest and roughest cuts Do all you niggaz 'til bitches say that I'm such a slut Dazed by the ways that I blaze y'all to fuck you up (Fuck you up) Fuck you up to? Man, you said you was nice It's time you get left, move as I step to the right You only rhyme cause you thought it would get you some ice You a sell-out like items half off their regular price I see you ridin' now but I ain't no pedestrian Just cause the industry's bouncers refuse to let me in Like they some lesbians or bitches who say "Let's be friends" Ironically you best depict somebody filled with estrogen You on a high thinkin' that your ass is clever You a weed in rap's garden and your buzz won't last forever Career is up in smoke, now you're steady comin' down And I'm a nigga with the munchies who's stomach grumbles and pounds (Pounds) and pounds of you niggaz will get eaten Ain't had nuttin' this sweet since your last time trick-or-treatin Cause Top 40 hip-hop's the dumbest sound today That's why I'm in the house and I ain't COMIN out to play, yo! CHORUS
CHORUS - DAN-E-O: While I'm here let me shine my light To discover all the love in sight As long as I'm blessed to speak I'll be workin' on my legacy Cause I don't wanna live my life And leave nothin' left behind So while the Lord lets me breathe I'm workin on my legacy DAN-E-O: Yo, just finished watchin' Michael Jackson's memorial Unimaginably impactful and historical Heaven's oracle, taught that the world can be horrible But he implored you to find the divine from the deplorable How did you make an aberration adorable? How did you steer off infection when killer bees were swarmin' you? How do I ensure the impossible is affordable? How do I make a change cause my voice is recordable? Mike, I thought of you when I was writin' this verse To fight off the curse, the opposite of what you'd find worse As you ride in that hearse, may I convey what pride I have burst It finally works, I realize I shine on this Earth While you were a strong stomper, I was just a meek creeper But MLK said be proud if you a street sweeper And Al Sharpton ruffled and woke up the deep sleepers And told your kids it's strange the world fought a peace keeper You know what I find strange? I find it strange that you're gone You know what I find wrong? To write your name in this song In the past tense, it's strange I'm remaining this strong Cause since I was born, the top is where your reign has belonged I cried today, but Michael Jackson I'm alive to say With platinum and diamonds you've paved and aligned the way For me to see my future's filled with many brighter days And I'm here to leave a legacy behind to stay CHORUS IAN KAMAU: Uhh, yeah... I am basking in the light of a single star, skin blacker than the night Walking on the moon, one small step I'll be leaping soon, we all get Confused, down forever, a child and it's true I'm a lost boy too but not as lost as you In dreams, I realize reality Is living on a Earth with a fallacy, move Galaxies made like molecules built And who is that peeking in my window sill? There's a light in the night that we can't see And darkness feels a lot like me I'm so free, midnight marauder with a hood over head Trying to escape words I should not have said I hope they don't notice I keep the world in focus - breathe CHORUS
Yesterday 03:59
CHORUS: Yesterday Woulda been the perfect time to tell ya 'bout my love Yesterday I could have opened up my soul Yesterday Shoulda been the day I poured my heart out to ya but Yesterday Feels like a whole lifetime ago Yesterday, I had you in my arms A magic mood of warmth, a passion true to form Angelic, a relic that would never do me no wrong Forever regrettin' that you were so brutally harmed How do I prove in this song that I knew you was the bomb But wasn't suited to warrant the truth of who I belonged... To, when I knew in my heart, you had it palpitatin' Salivatin', had no patience just to have you naked Yo, it was magic makin' love, it was a massive statement Your capital V that's sacred, I dastardly had to take it Actually mad amazed when you'd happily back the statement Instead of infatuation that you loved this half-Jamaican I was a bastard shamefully, I had your innonence But in a sense, my inference was insulence, indifference And selfishness, can't even explain my senselessness Leaving you for the opposite of what a princess is CHORUS Yesterday, I got single again This mistress I had let be my significant friend Viciously dissed me and went to be with frivolous men Now I'm hurt by this worthless serpent who slipped into sin Now every minute I spent with her is meaningless when I think your sweetness was sent from heaven, it's so intense That I feel there is no end to our true connection How is it, after all these years, I didn't lose affection? How do I prove we're destined after my cruel deception? And get a new assessment to replace your dude who's desolate Yo, I feel truly desperate, I lose when I'm contested With the confidence that I'm worthy to freely express this Now I'm fully depressed, it's better I leave you be What gives me the right to feel I want you to be with me? Though your forgiving nature treats me with leniency Ain't got a bad bone in ya, 'cept the one that I wish you could see CHORUS Yesterday, they walked you down the aisle I forced my frown to smile, I guess you found your style Heard you announced your vows without the sign of a cloud I sit in silence and doubt that I can balance this out Wow, you're convincingly grounded and now I hear the sound of a child in the background of a dialed... Call, 'cause it's now been a while, and I thought you was lyin' When you told me that noise was 'cause your daughter was cryin' Oh my God! Now I'm dyin', straight up caught in this bind then Thinkin' it's sort of a sign to address my altered alignment See, I'm lost in this blindness, most frought with this mindless Notion we ain't supposed to be tyin' the knot that is timeless You're a goddess that I missed bein' a husband with Would give my thumb and wrist just to get a hug and kiss Nothin' is as tough as this, now I see our love exists And I want the world to know as if I told this to my publicist CHORUS
Crushin' 03:39
Interlude 00:58
DAN-E-O: This could be my last minute! The gun's loaded and cocked, ready to blast and my face is in the path of it Authoritatively asked to come with A prayer in my final 60 seconds of life but I can't stomach The pressure and pain, the stress in my veins Recallin' the number of unforgiven sins I can presently name If heaven's my aim I best start confessin' my shame To God cause I won't get the chance to impress him again This could be my last minute! CONWELL: Dig it, rhymes are often tainted An officer by whom I was confrontated A conversation, in a hood that was often raided He's contemplating on doing what he's obligated He planted a, weapon on me make things complicated Your occupation to twist the shit keep constipated Incarcerated but I am no Carson Daly Protect and serve, and this is how you're operating? Altercation, nothin' more than accusations After all the, task force task was wasted An ex-change of words and then it escalated Excuse me but you niggaz I have always hated Mad with power, skin was dark not powdered Now what a coward, maybe cause he often cowered Lay you in a bed of flowers You're +The Spy Who Shagged Me+ but no Austin Powers Damn, this could be my last minute! DAN-E-O: And if my ass finished I hope He listens before He decide to pass sentence First I must ask forgiveness from each Canadian artist Who beat me in the battle of who could take it the farthest Although you ain't the hardest and I be lyrically flawless Jealousy got the best of me when you became ballers I should've practiced what I preached 'stead of knashin' all my teeth Grab the mic and start some action on the street You bastards can't compete, steady blastin' y'all with heat Just ask and you'll receive a lash from this assassin on the beat Shit, there I go again, evil is how my rhyme get Cause I don't have an answer as to why I ain't signed yet So STOP FUCKIN' ASKIN ME, that stupid shit! In the time you've blown up and fallen off I'll still be doin it Damn, I guess that wasn't much of a prayer God I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to take it there Cause this could be my last minute! CONWELL: For every action everybody's accountable Idiotic niggaz grow up and try to puncture you When you have nothin', pinpoint what they want from you Now even assholes try they best to be punctual Withheld are the Mietas that have it out for you Concealed is the direction they're gonna come for you Now which mans hired hit mans to stick mans And ditch mans cause This could be my last minute! DAN-E-O: So I have to confess I practically hit every ass that has passed in a dress At least I wanted to, the devil tends to push me But how's it possible to not proposition for pussy? Girlfriend or not even if I said I loved her I never had the heart to say, "Yeah, I fucked her" Even as I repent upon further inspection I never really asked for that erection Tell me it ain't natural for me to wanna slap a hoe Excuse me, insert my penis deeply inside of the vaginal Opening, I'm hopin that I won't feel a shock Cause I admit I love every piece of ass that I got Oh God, this could be my last minute! CONWELL: I'm just a man who says the things that trouble him And immigrants aren't the only thing that's smuggled in Yo, move how you're s'posed to move You lose someone close to you, you do what you're s'posed to do Why? Cause cops carry toasters too So boys buy guns so they can speak when they're spoken to Life's pre-destined, written in the stars So when God made Adam we got Even with the odds I'm the son of Adam, boy to Eve And if the whole world is envy I must be greed And plus I choose to avoid the thing lust with ease God I can't believe that This could be my last minute! DAN-E-O: And I'm hurtin' so bad Forgive me for every dream in which I murdered my dad But if wantin' women and respect is wrong nigga Just pull the motherfuckin' trigger! WAIT NO!
Already 04:01
Don't Cry 03:22
For You 03:00
Outro 01:05


Dilla Pickles was released in 2009 as a 2 in 1 album/mixtape in tribute to legendary producer/rapper J Dilla. As a homage to Dilla - who was known to release projects in both vocal and instrumental form - the original Dilla Pickles download included two versions - a track for track album (available here) and a cut and mixed traditional mixtape by Royal Touch.


released November 1, 2009

All songs recorded and mixed by T.J. Habibi at Secret Surburbia Studios, Toronto, Ont


all rights reserved



Dan-e-o Toronto, Ontario

Veteran lyricist, Dan-e-o dropped his debut single "Dear Hip Hop" in 1996. It is widely considered a Canadian Hip-Hop classic.

And while he has followed it up with numerous albums, mixtapes and singles (all available on Bandcamp), he is now celebrating the 20 year milestone of his debut single with the new album "Dear Hip Hop: 20 Years Later".

Order it from URBNET Records now!
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